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The gumboots of Artist Helene Hall of Heysmartypants, creator of New Zealand art inspired by nature



Hi there – I’m New Zealand artist Helene Hall.

I live in Putiki, close to the mighty awa, a quick walk away from the beautiful Whanganui city centre with my husband Graham and our three dogs. Living by the awa is such a privilege and inspiration, so much so that we opened a gallery showcasing New Zealand art and gifts!


You can find all of our Heysmartypants product range here too!

Whenever I'm out walking, which is usually with my dogs I keep my eye out for any new tree, plant, or flower that might be having a change of season or is new to me, so I can document it for use later. Sunsets and landscapes are always a good source of inspiration too. It's always good to have lots of visual resources on tap for that next idea!

I work across many mediums – gouache painting, mixed media, digitally using the Pro-create app and photography. I like to mix it up and see what the different results bring. Long-term I want to create pieces that are more tailormade and experimental but for now, I'm loving using the brushes again.


My work is deliberately bright and colourful reflecting my own love of all things colourful which brings me joy – I feel so grateful to be able to share it with others.


Thank you for choosing and supporting New Zealand artists!

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